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Therapy & Counseling

(follow this link for description of differences between Therapy and Coaching)

Online Video Conferencing available (see below)


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Relationship Issues


Self-growth issues


Interpersonal conflicts


Family of origin issues


Family conflicts


Couples Work




Foster Children


Cross Generational issues


Children & Teenagers

Adult children of Alcoholics




Addiction: Alcohol & Drug Abuse


Abuse Survivors


Multi-Cultural Issues


Hyperactivity & Temperament


Educational & Child Development Issues


Assessment of Behavior Issues & Challenges in Young Children

Secure Confidential Encryption Technology for Online Client-Therapist Communication

(see below)*



Eclectic Orientation and Application as indicated, including:

Cognitive Behavioral, Existential Humanistic, Problem Solving, Strategic, Psychodynamic, Family of Origin, Cross-Cultural, Insight, and Psychoeducational




Learning to take care of oneself, self-nurturing, greater self-esteem, replacing maladaptive behavior with more constructive behaviors, living life in the present.



Improving communication, greater clarity in the relationship, recognizing family of origin interferences, understanding male & female cultural differences.



Recognizing family dynamics, clarifying roles, recognizing family of origin interferences in the family, assessing functionality, establishing boundaries, improving communication.



Assessing temperamental & learning styles, assessing development, fostering expressive maturity, promoting self-esteem, security, & stability, assessing family roles and boundaries.



Self-esteem & self-sufficiency, helping in the search for identity, resolving his or her changing roles in the family & society, reconciling social & cultural pressures with family expectations & personal needs.


It is my belief that no child or individual's goals should be sacrificed for the benefit of reaching goals in a couples' relationship or in a family.  Individual and relationship or family goals are not inherently oppositional.  It is in reconciling individual goals with family issues that the couple or family can achieve and maintain healthy long-term success in meeting its needs.  Couples and families that function without its members satisfying their individual needs exist in stress, pain, and difficulty.



Identification of problems and problem-solving (follow this link for description of differences between Therapy and Coaching).



*Secure Confidential Encryption Technology for Online Client-Therapist Communication

powered by PrivateTree (patented)

Unencrypted e-mail that is used by most people, due to transmission over the open internet is not secure from various individuals or corporate and other entities.  Unethical persons may hack confidential information, while information technology businesses and other agencies parse online communication to gather data for internal uses, marketing, sale to other parties, and other uses. To secure against potential invasions of client-therapist communication, Ronald Mah uses PrivateTree's technology to set up personal encrypted online confidential rooms for communication between himself as the therapist and the client.  This technology meets or exceeds the confidentiality requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA),  the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act, the  under California Telemedicine Act, professional association Ethical Standards, and professional Standard of Care.  Ronald Mah also uses PrivateTree technology for working with his coaching clients to maintain confidentiality in those relationships. 

Link for additional information on confidentiality issues when using online technology.

Uses for Encrypted Confidential E-mail

Basic Communication for Scheduling Clinically Important Discussion Supportive of Therapy Transmission of Confidential Documents or Files Continuing Consultation

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliant Confidentiality Online Video Conferencing Available through V-See 

Clients  use free sign-up at

Ronald Mah does not use Skype technology because it is not HIPAA compliant and thus, risks the confidentiality of client and therapist communication.


TO FIND A THERAPIST IN CALIFORNIA (in your area if unable to see Ronald) go to:


General Information and Consent & Notice of Privacy Practices

for Clients in the Therapy Practice of 

Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Authorization Documents Regarding Confidential Information

Authorization for one Professional to Release Confidential Information to Another Professional or Person


Uses include for giving permission for the therapist or another professional to give information about the client to another person such as a doctor, teacher, attorney, family member, or other person.

Authorization for Therapist and another Professional or Person to Exchange Confidential Information


Uses include for giving permission for the therapist and another professional share their respective information and mutually consult about the client.

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