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Books by Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D., L.M.F.T.


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The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution Strategies for Responding to Children's Challenging Behaviors

The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution

Strategies for Responding to Children's Challenging Behaviors

"Mah's new book is fantastic! It simplifies the different types of temper tantrums into a manageable approach for educators and child care professionals."
—Kelly Van Raden, Career Advocate for Early Care and Education
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Learn what ignites tantrums and how you can prevent them or lessen their impact!

In clear and understandable language, this invaluable resource explains what's happening when a child throws a tantrum or exhibits other disruptive behaviors. The book offers specific guidance and directions to help teachers meet the challenge of a temper tantrum when it occurs while also increasing their awareness of their own expectations, beliefs, and reactions to children’s aggressive behaviors.

In The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution, Ronald Mah examines developmental, situational, physical, and temperamental factors that can trigger acting-out behaviors and explores four types of tantrums—manipulative, upset, helpless, and cathartic—that can appear as verbal and/or physical outbursts. With a wealth of examples, vignettes, and easy-to-implement strategies that help educators avoid long-term negative consequences for children, this accessible book:

Offers interventions for managing each type of tantrum

Explains how tactics based on distracting, ignoring, or shaming can lead to escalation

Addresses tantrums that may be related to disabilities

Includes a chapter dealing with misdiagnosed tantrums and how to respond appropriately

Based on sensitive, caring principles that nurture and support all children, this practical book can also be used alongside Mah's Difficult Behavior in Early Childhood, which covers issues underlying harmful behaviors.





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