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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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About Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.

I am Ronald Mah, therapist, trainer, and educator... son, father, and husband... activist, "radical," and interventionist... speaker and author... child of immigrant parents. I seek to combine all relevant concepts, principles, and philosophy with practical techniques and guidelines for effective and productive results.

I will use stories, experiences, humor, and wisdom (gained from sometimes less than wise earlier decisions!) from diverse realms to illustrate important points in a stimulating and highly motivating style.

Making the process practical yet conceptually sound for clients or workshop participants is the goal of my work.  

About this website... I designed this website using a program- WebSite X5 (without writing code). I'm a competent tech user, but not a techie!  (Kinda bypassed my "Asian-American destiny" when I realized that people were way more interesting than numbers or engineering, and was drawn to human services- first teaching and then... yay! therapy!).  Had so much fun creating this website, so spent way too much time in the process.  With freedom to insert photos wherever I liked, I indulged... and overindulged!  Some photos on the webpages have relevance to the contents, at least from my perspective... often from my sarcastic sense of humor, but otherwise came from my adventures over the years (animals like jellyfish, penguins, and pandas... amazing flowers... nature!). Hope you find the photos pleasing to the eye... and the content worthwhile. If not or instead they bother you, I could refer you to a therapist to talk to about that!

Ronald Mah discusses the dynamics that cause a bully, a victim, and a survivor to develop, including typical male vs. female style bullying. The short-term and long-term costs of becoming either a victim or a bully are discussed. Guidance is given so that well intended parents do not make the critical mistakes that disempower their children and increase the likelihood of their children becoming victimized... endure a lifetime of being victimized. Adults with challenging children are also guided to avoid the dynamics that inadvertently promote abusive bullying behavior.

(news story)

Therapist Ronald Mah wrote a book called "How Dangerous is This Person?" and speaks about signs to look for in children. His comments come after a 12-year-old boy was arrested on Saturday in connection with stabbing his 8-year-old sister, Leila Fowler, to death in Calaveras County. Kim Tere reports.

for the descripition of the book, "How Dangerous is This Person, Assessing Danger & Violence Potential Before Tragedy Strikes"

Why? Because teenagers and adults who do not know how to self-soothe, will use alcohol, drugs, sex, food, self-injury, and any number of other dysfunctional behaviors in order to self-soothe. If they lose hope, they may also fall into patterns of short-term gratuitous or hedonistic behaviors that can be self-destructive. Long-term goals or dreams become irrelevant with life experiences and views of hopelessness and helplessness.

A blog of ideas and materials applying underlying developmental & cross-cultural issues to impact psychological, interpersonal, & family dynamics in teaching,  therapy, working with, and/or communicating with adolescents.  Social and cultural issues that apply to the teen lifestyle and expectations are examined and compared to adult and mainstream lifestyles and expectations.  Aspects of major family systems therapies as applied to teens will be discussed.  Readers will be guided how to effectively apply the intervention and communication principles discussed.

Judy: Mom?  Uh…. Can I go to a concert at the Arena with Barbara, Patti, and Janet on Saturday night? Barbara’s mom said she’d drive.  I have birthday money for my ticket. Everyone’s parents already said they could go.  I need to tell Barbara tomorrow so her Mom can buy the tickets.  Can I go… please? (continued on blog)

Ronald Mah, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author of The One-Minute Temper Tantrum Solution, shares about his healing journey through anxiety, hypervigilance, terror, and the fear of screwing up due to physical abuse from an elementary school teacher. Ronald also shares about the great healing effect of developing deeper self compassion through psychotherapy and healthy self care practices. (link to interview)

The frustration of poorly handling a Temper Tantrum is discussed along with examples of Temper Tantrum Igniters.  Temper tantrums drive adults crazy!   However, they are also attempts by children to handle their own needs and their place and power in the larger world.  This video describes how to respectfully and effectively handle Temper Tantrums so that children are guided towards healthy ways to handle their needs; and the home, classroom, and other communities are not disrupted or disrespected.

The  FOUR types of Temper Tantrums along with the FOUR matching underlying issues and most importantly, the FOUR approaches and interventions to handle them with sensitivity and effectiveness are discussed.  In addition, viewers will learn how to handle a Temper Tantrum when the adult is not sure which of the FOUR Temper Tantrums has erupted.  Focus is on using participants awareness of their own emotional and psychological needs to create understanding of the child's emotional and psychological needs when he or she is in a tantrum state.  This knowledge is then translated into practical technique that the participants can use to effectively prevent and resolve children's temper tantrums with the “One Minute Temper Tantrum Solution.”  And a special bonus… how the evolution and practical experiences of childhood tantrums become adult tantrums!
3056 Castro Valley Blvd., #82
Castro Valley, CA 94546
Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT32136
office: (510) 582-5788
fax: (510) 889-6553
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