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Basic Rules of Dev Theories

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Basic Rules of Developmental Theories

1)   Development happens in STAGES.

2)   There are CRITICAL PERIODS in development.
when the person is more vulnerable to harm or available for growth.

3) QUANTITATIVE changes lead to QUALITATIVE change.
Small increases in quantity (amount, frequency, skill, etc.) lead to significant quality differences or movement into another stage.

4) Development is SEQUENTIAL.
There is an order to developmentā€¦ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

5) Development is PROGRESSIVE.
The development of the earlier stages set up for the development of later stages.

6) SKIPPING or RUSHING development doesn't work and/or causes harm. The developmental demands that are skipped or rushed will pull the person back for completion or resolution until they are completed.  You can get stuck or regress to such stages until they are resolved.

7) Excessive STRESS, ABUSE, or TRAUMA will get people stuck or to regress at that stage.
Such extreme experiences draw a person's energy and attention away from dealing with or resolving the developmental needs of the individual's stage.   (Skipping or Rushing development creates stress in of itself.)

8) DEVELOPMENTAL ENERGY will eventually reassert itself.

9) RESILIENCY allows for skipped, rushed, incomplete, stalled, regressed, or suppressed Development to be re-stimulated in the organism.

10) SATIATION of developmental needs allows for movement on to the next developmental challenge.  Until the developmental needs of the stage are met, an individual will stay in the stage.
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