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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Facilitating Change

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Facilitating Change in Institutions
in the Face of Resistance, Reactionaries, the Ignorant, the Confused, and "Careful" Allies!

Lecture and Experiential- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by actively participating in experiential training.

Any person of color or other progressively multiculturally oriented individual working in a traditional institution who is interested in facilitating progressive growth and change, who is experiencing institutional and individual (administration, colleagues, Board of Directors, and/or clients -- white and of color, male or female, straight or gay) resistance. The presentation will begin with an examination of ineffective ways to present and promote progressive change and growth (such as multicultural and diversity growth) to traditional institutions such as schools, businesses, etc.) "The Five Lousy Ways to Present Growth and Change (or in a specific example, Multi-culturalism and Diversity)!" Understanding the baseline motivations for established institutions become the key to finding a powerful and pragmatic approach to facilitating growth and change. The presentation will continue with an interactive experiential process with the participants will be led in a problem solving process.

1) Making sound DIAGNOSIS and ASSESSMENTS of the barriers and resistance to progressive growth in the organizations;

2) Exploring and examining the appropriateness of various THEORIES of resistance and theories to activate change;

3) Discussion and sharing STRATEGIES and INTERVENTIONS suggested by these theories to activate growth and change;

4) Aid participants to discover and work through the PERSONAL emotional, cultural, social, and political RESISTANCE against pursuing the strategies and interventions both among self professed "change agents" and well-meaning but aggravatingly "careful allies" (and, of course, rigid reactionaries to growth and change);

5) Examining the sequence of the GROWTH and CHANGE process and the role of SAFETY and BOUNDARIES for students of color, families of color, and staff of color, and the relationships to theories of resistance.
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