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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Blood Thicker Water Sibling

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"Blood is Thicker Than Water...
So Stop Trying to Spill Your Brother's & Sister's!"
Understanding & Dealing with Sibling Rivalry

Lecture and Discussion- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions.

The presentation brings together self-esteem theory, tantrum principles, developmental theory, family systems therapy principles, and communication skills as they apply to sibling relationships and rivalry. The presentation uses a family to illustrate how and why sibling rivalries develop due to birth order, temperament, parenting styles, and the family life cycle. Self-esteem among siblings is presented as a primary cause and cure for sibling rivalries. This theoretical knowledge is presented with practical techniques for prevention, mitigation, and resolution of sibling rivalries, including the "Working It Out Plan"- a practical guide to resolving conflict between siblings.

1) Underlying Issues in the Development of Sibling Rivalry

2) Four Criteria for Self-Esteem and How It Affects Sibling Relationships

3) Tantrum Theory as It Relates to Siblings

4) Developmental Issues with Different Age Children
  • Piaget and Erickson
  • Adolescent Egocentrism & Sibling Rivalry

5) Family Systems: Roles & Structural Principles Affecting Relationships

6) Temperamental Differences & Issues Affecting Families & Siblings

7) Victim/Bully Theory

8) Principles of Discipline with Siblings

9) Step Family and Blended Family Considerations
  • Cinderella- Fact or Fantasy?
  • From Fantasy (The Brady Bunch) to Reality
  • Recommended Approaches to Step-parenting

10) The Working It Out Plan-
  • A Practical Guide to Better Communication and Conflict Resolution
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