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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Boogers Tantrum-Why Do This

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"Boogers, Tantrums. Head Lice, and Pin Worms... Just Why Do We Do This?"

A humorous lecture that encourages participants to value both the challenges of working with young children and themselves as vital contributors to children and the community. From runny noses, to germs, to tantrums-- the frustrations of early childhood development work are balanced against the impact of good and great caregiving on children's development and community and social health.

Stuff my child development teacher forgot to tell me.

A little girl and a snail story.

The first two years… like the river in Brazil.

Tantrums: what are you supposed to do about a kid throwing a tantrum.
          The tantrum in the sandbox..

From Preschool or Daycare to Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Harvard.

The difference between a professional and a ……
          Integrity and the ECD educator.

The Two Dirty Tricks of child development.
          The Two Reasons I chose to become an ECE person.

What's worse than finding head lice in your kid's hair?

What's worse than head lice?

A Chinese folktale -- a fairy tale in the United States!
          The Challenge (the Dilemma) of Teaching in America

Traits of resilient children.

Why you? Why him? Why her? When so many didn't?

The Epitaph on your tombstone?
          The Legacy of quality ECD work.
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