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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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Out of the Twilight Zone Discipline

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"Out of the Twilight Zone"
Discipline From the Inside Out

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Lecture and Discussion- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions.

Focus is on understanding and addressing the underlying emotional and psychological issues that arise in children & adults in discipline situations; and how adults use their understanding of their own feelings and needs (& insecurities) to more effectively and appropriately discipline children. Participants will learn how to make accurate diagnoses of the discipline situation so they may be able to effectively apply the discipline techniques discussed.

1) The WHY's of Discipline: Socialization, Sanity, & Security
  • The underlying emotional and psychological needs of the child; societal, community, and family needs; and parental needs.

2) Communication- Overt & covert, Surface messages & metamessages
  • How children are damaged by frustrated and unaware adults.

3) Diagnosing the Discipline Situation- A Hierarchy of Discipline
  • A step by step approach to dealing with discipline- from the simple to the complicated.

4) The Responsibility and the Vulnerability of the Discipliner
  • How the adult gets frustrated, diverted, and overwhelmed in the situation; how the adult can reduce his/her vulnerability and discipline more responsibly.

5) Temperamental Differences & Learning Style Differences
  • Normal differences in children and how they affect interaction and discipline.

6) Family systems theory
  • How the family affects the child and his/her responses to the family dynamics.

7) Is your child after you?
  • How to recognize control and power issues in adult-child interactions; how to avoid getting into power struggles with children.   
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