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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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Dealing with Holiday Stress

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Dealing with Holiday Stress: "This is for Fun?"  

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Lecture and Discussion- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions.

The holidays which are supposed to be a time of celebration and of communing with family and friends can often become extremely stressful.  This training looks at how emotional and psychological symbolisms can waylay the intent and purpose of the communal joy of a holiday.  Participants will be guided to separate the healthy symbolism vs. unhealthy symbolism in holidays so they may be able to enjoy a special day with their special people.

Celebration, Reunions, Gatherings, Shopping, Outings, Food,.....More and More

A Magical Time...A Stressful Time

That Hot Toy...and the Pressure is On!

Reality & A Loss of Innocence

Stress: Good Parenting & Disappointment

Old Stress Creating New Stress

The Challenge & the Opportunity of Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress Builders

Holiday Stress Releasers

A Holiday Gift List...For Yourself

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