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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Temper Tantrums

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Temper Tantrums!! Understanding and Helping Children in Emotional Need
with "The One Minute Temper Tantrum Solution!"

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The frustration of poorly handling a Temper Tantrum is discussed along with examples of Temper Tantrum Igniters.  Temper tantrums drive adults crazy!   However, they are also attempts by children to handle their own needs and their place and power in the larger world.  This video describes how to respectfully and effectively handle Temper Tantrums so that children are guided towards healthy ways to handle their needs; and the home, classroom, and other communities are not disrupted or disrespected.  The  FOUR types of Temper Tantrums along with the FOUR matching underlying issues and most importantly, the FOUR approaches and interventions to handle them with sensitivity and effectiveness are discussed.  In addition, viewers will learn how to handle aTemper Tantrum when the adult is not sure which of the FOUR Temper Tantrums has erupted.  Focus is on using participants awareness of their own emotional and psychological needs to create understanding of the child's emotional and psychological needs when he or she is in a tantrum state.  This knowledge is then translated into practical technique that the participants can use to effectively prevent and resolve children's temper tantrums with the “One Minute Temper Tantrum Solution.”  And a special bonus… how the evolution and practical experiences of childhood tantrums become adult tantrums!
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