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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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Reasonable Suspicion

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Reasonable Suspicion + Mandated Reporting = ?
An Experiential Training to Understanding Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting

Lecture and Discussion- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions and actively participating in experiential training.

The presentation starts with the basic Child Abuse Reporting Laws and then activates a conceptual process for mandated reporters such as teachers, therapists, social workers, and other human services providers to understand the criteria for distinguishing among Legal, Ethical, and Moral requirements; and among Legal, Ethical, and Practical/Program requirements. A series of simple experiential activities will help participants distinguish among ineffective discipline, poor discipline, harm, and child abuse- child abuse that mandates reporting. Definitions and guidance in recognizing the different categories of child abuse: physical, sexual, neglect, emotional, and so forth. Guidance in how to handle problematic discipline techniques of parents for child abuse prevention. Cross-cultural and multi-cultural issues in child abuse reporting and discipline issues will also be addressed. Historical and multi-cultural aspects of corporal punishment and sexual boundaries and relationship to legal child abuse definitions.

1) Child Abuse Reporting Law

2) Mandated Reporters

3) Legal, Ethical, and Moral requirements and distinctions-
  • Requirements from the Law, Professional Requirements, and Personal Values;
  • Differentiating among the following questions:
  • What are your legal mandates?
  • What are your program guidelines?
  • What is your agenda?

4) Legal, Ethical, and Practical/Program requirements- Another Set of Critical Distinctions

5) OK and Not OK- A decision making process for Mandated Reporters

6) Definitions and Considerations of Child Abuse Categories (Experiential Activities)
  • Physical Abuse resulting from Unreasonable Severe Corporal Punishment;
  • Physical Abuse resulting from Unjustifiable Punishment;
  • Shaken Infant Syndrome;
  • Physical Neglect;
  • Sexual Abuse- Assault;
  • Sexual Abuse- Exploitation;
  • Emotional Abuse;
  • Emotional Deprivation

7) Multi-cultural, Cross-cultural, and Historical Issues in Discipline, Boundaries, and Child Abuse
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