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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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What Do When

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What Do You Do When...?
A Consultation/Training Workshop Based on Participant Needs

OVERVIEW: This workshop is entirely built from the participants curiosity, questions, urgencies, dilemmas, concerns, crises, and challenges. Material from any of the trainings that, Ronald Mah, M.A., Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, credentialed elementary and high school teacher, ECE instructor, and consultant may be presented in the framework of responding to direct questions from participants. Topics may include (but are not limited to) questions that draw from the many subjects of the workshops the presenter has conducted from 1991 to parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school teachers and administrators from private, public, religious schools, therapists, social workers, vocational and other human services professionals. Potential foci include material from workshops such as:

  • Discipline from the Inside Out
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Conflict Resolution w/ Young Children
  • Principles of Classroom Management
  • Understanding Temperament for More Effective Management and Discipline
  • Temper Tantrum Solutions
  • Introducing Foster Children into the Family System

  • Building Self-Esteem in the Adult/Child System
  • Building Peace
  • Victims, Abusers/Bullies, & Survivors: The Dynamics of Self-Esteem in Aggression and/or Violence
  • Childhood Stress—Including Dealing w/ Transitions and Change

  • Building Constructive Alliances w/ Parents or Clients
  • Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy
  • Family Dynamics Dynamics at Home (& at Work!) for Creating Healthy Relationships & Teams
  • Balancing Professionalism, Sensitivity, & Friendship in the Workplace

  • Self-Esteem and Developmentally Appropriate Practice
  • Developmentally Appropriate Principles for Preschoolers
  • Developmental Play Theory to Play Therapy

  • Multi-Cultural/Diversity Sensitivity
  • Integrating Social Justice into Schools

  • Keys to Successful Interactions w/ Adolescents
  • Understanding & Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
  • Healthy Couples Relationships
  • Fatherhood for the New Millennium
  • Families in Cross-Generational Conflict
  • Developmental Principles of Elder Care

  • Assessments in Intervention & Treatment Planning
  • Understanding Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting
  • Facilitating Change in Institutions
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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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