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Building Self-Esteem
in the Adult-Child System
A Series of Articles on Self-Esteem in Children

  • Chapter 1: Baby to PreSchooler- The Development of Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
  • Chapter 2: Feedback, Frustration, and Self-Esteem- "You Guys Better...!"
  • Chapter 3: The Most Dangerous Question a Parent Can Ask the Child
  • Chapter 4: Significance Meets Socialization (& Frustration)
  • Chapter 5: Stress 'em... Disappoint 'em... Frustrate 'Em... On Empowering Children
Chapters 6-10
  • Chapter 6: Sigmund Freud Meets Jiminy Cricket, Acceptance to Moral Virtue
  • Chapter 7: A Crisis Between the Ideal Self and Real Self, " I Can't Do That To My Friend!"
  • Chapter 8: Using the Ideal Self vs. the Real Self, "You're Going To Let Them Play You Like That?"
  • Chapter 9: Teachable Moments for a Positive Ideal Self and Real Self
  • Chapter 10: Power and Control- the Struggle, Power Crazy Kids?
Chapters 11-15
  • Chapter 11: The Container in Power and Control, “Never the Right Size!!”
  • Chapter 12: Impact In Power and Control
  • Chapter 13: Consequences in Power and Control, "Not Fair!"
  • Chapter 14: Negativity in Power and Control, Make Me an Offer...!
  • Chapter 15: Magic vs. Reality and Results in Power and Control, "Take One Child... Mix in..,"
Chapters 16-20
  • Chapter 16: Competence- Who's Okay? Who's Not Okay?
  • Chapter 17: Competnece- Dealing with Pain, "I'm Not OK!"
  • Chapter 18: Competence and Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • Chapter 19 : Four Developmental Stages
  • Chapter 20: The Four-Legged Table of Self-Esteem, I Any One Leg is Weak...
  • Chapter 21: The Foundation of Self-Esteem -- YOU!!
  • Chapter 22: "Benefits" From Being a Victim
  • Chapter 23: Characteristics of Victims- The Chicken and the Chicken Hawk
  • Chapter 24: How Victims Are Created
  • Chapter 25: Developing Your Own Bully
  • Chapter 26: You Can't Come to My Birthday Party
  • Chapter 27: From 30%- Origins of Male-Female Differences and Modern Changes and Challenges
  • Chapter 28: An Extra 7-10 Years of Adolescence... What Fun!
  • Chapter 29: Take Care of Yourself... First!
  • Chapter 30: Available & Then Separate
  • Chapter 31: Honey, I Love You... But I Don't Like You!
  • Chapter 32: I Know I'm Not a Baby, But Can't I Still Hurt!?
  • Chapter 33: NO!! (You Don't Have the Right!)
  • Chapter 34: You Can Do It vs. You Better Do It!
  • Chapter 35: You're the Best... Really, You're the Best... Really…
  • Chapter 36: Because I Want To... Because I Need To!
  • Chapter 37: The Perfect Parent Trap
  • Chapter 38: TheE 90 SecondCOND-A-Day Self-Esteem Prescription Plan
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