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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Victims Abusers/Bullies Survivors

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Victims, Abusers/Bullies, & Survivors
The Dynamics of Self-Esteem in Aggression and/or Violence

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Not all children become victims although many children experience being bullied in childhood.  This video reveals the dynamics that cause a bully, a victim, and a survivor to develop.  The short-term and long-term costs of becoming either a victim or a bully are discussed.  This presentation makes the connections between aggression, violence, and self-esteem as they develop in children.  The developmental processes of the victim, abuser/bully, and survivor are discussed with reference to parenting styles, both positive and problematic.  Guidance is given so that well intended parents do not make the critical mistakes that disempower their children and increase the likelihood of their children becoming victimized.  Adults with challenging children are guided to avoid the dynamics that inadvertently promote abusive bullying behavior.  Methods are presented to build self-esteem in children and to protect them from becoming abusers/bullies and/or victims.  In addition, key understandings for protecting children from being victimized and the formation of anti-bullying programs in schools are discussed.
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