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Experiential Activites-PreAdol & Adol

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Experiential Activities: Psychosocial and Cultural Issues
for Preadolescents and Adolescents
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Lecture and Discussion- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions and actively participating.

Teachers who work with young people (primarily preadolescents and adolescents) who wish to help students examine introspectively and in a group process, the "deeper" or "hotter" issues of the students' emotional, social, cultural, economic, historical, and political worlds are often frustrated because of the resistance encountered. The presentation will begin with the presentation of "The Four Underlying Principles to Group Process." How each of these principles contribute to a positive and stimulating group process will be discussed. Then, each of these principles will be examined as to the developmental and/or cultural appropriateness or inappropriateness for the preadolescent and adolescent students (these principles are often difficult for young people to possess, and for individuals from certain cultures). The presentation will continue with how to address the developmental and cultural challenges to group process with young people. Developmentally and culturally appropriate alternate approaches and principles will be presented and applied to the group process.
           The presentation will follow with examples of successful alternative approaches to facilitating the group process with young people: a successful program utilizing movie video excerpts with high school students and experiential series of activities conducted with middle school children. To conclude, successful activities presented by participants will be assessed for the underlying principles that led to positive results

1) The Four Underlying Principles to Group Process

2) Developmental and Cultural Mismatch for PreAdolescents and Adolescents and the Introspective and Group Process

3) Developmentally and Culturally Approaches to Introspection and Group Process for PreAdolescents and Adolescents

4) Video Excerpts for Experiential Activities- High School Examples: - friendship/loyalty/games, family obligations, violence, and sexuality.

5) Middle School Experiential Activity Examples: Topics presented include cliques, entering into a new cultural situation, verbal and nonverbal communication, gender roles, friendship morality, and sexual harassment

6) Participants successful activities assessed for underlying success principles- Confirmation, extension, and challenge to presented principles
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