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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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"I Want To Do That!" Developing Workshop Presentations
From Idea to Conceptualization to Detail to Comprehensive Workshop

Lecture, Discussion, & Demonstration- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions.

Focus is on helping participants develop their ideas and messages through the different stages to create a fully comprehensive workshop for presentation (and profit!). How to expand upon an initial idea to create a complete structurally sound thesis. What processes to fill out the workshop concepts and issues. How to make the workshop interesting and entertaining as well as informative. Initial and subsequent presentation issues including goals for the first five minutes of the presentation. A presentation idea will be chosen from the participants to be taken through much of the process to illustrate how it works. Marketing issues also for those interested in using workshops for financial profit as well as professional fulfillment.

1) GESTATION TO BIRTH-STEP ONE: Your Idea, Thesis, or Hypothesis

2) BRAINSTORMING: Expanding the Thesis

3) CATEGORIZATION: Identifying the Bones

4) SEQUENCING: Building the Skeleton- Basic Structure Issues

5) OVERVIEW & INSERTION: What's missing? Sending for Egor!

6) ELABORATION, ELABORATION, ELABORATION: The search for nuances and subtleties

7) CRITIQUE: Making sense? Logical? On track?

8) FLUFF & STUFF: Making it interesting and entertaining

9) SALE & SALESMAN: Presentation Principles and Issues

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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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