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Crisis is Danger/Opportunity

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Danger & Opportunity = CRISIS!

The Chinese Calligraphy for Crisis was liberally (and incorrectly) interpreted to mean Danger & Opportunity (the two characters that make up the word).  The compelling nature of the symbolism has taken this interpretation into urban legend.  Although the interpretation is not literally correct, its appeal continues to resonate among many people.  

Crises offer risk or danger, and simultaneously offer opportunities for growth.  Enduring risk or danger in order to gain or seize opportunities is an empowering principle of healthy and successful lives. Become able to handle risk or danger, and welcome and even, precipitate crises in order to have life opportunities for success, growth, and relationships.
Here's a mnemonic using the letters of CRISIS that reflects the appeal of the interpretation.

C4 - Caring
R2 - Resources
I -     Identity
S -    Strength
I -     Integrity
S -    Skills

These represent the traits of healthy and successful children and adults.

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