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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Beyond Reasonable Susp

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Beyond Reasonable Suspicion- Experiential Training for Understanding Child Abuse & Mandated Reporting
with Practical Guidelines for Professional Interventions to Address Problematic Parental Discipline

“My momma took a belt to me. And, I never did it again. I’ll take a belt to him if he ever does that again!” declares a mother.

“You’re too damn easy on them kids. Back talk me or you and no TV, no story, no dinner. Straight to bed,” declares the dad.

“I can’t even touch my kids. They’ll… their teacher will call CPS on me. You can’t discipline your own child, that’s why my kids get out of control. What am I supposed to do? Let them run wild? Or, smack ‘em to learn ‘em? And, go to jail!?”   

“He’s been real moody a lot lately. His grades are down. He don’t wanna to go to school. He used to love school.”

“She’s got new clothes and an Ipod, she won’t tell me how she got them. What’s going on?

And what do you say? What do you think? What do you do?   

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