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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
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Difficult Beh- Classroom & Beyond

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Difficult Behavior
Positive Discipline for Classrooms and Beyond

Lecture and Discussion- Participants are encouraged to make the workshop more relevant to their concerns by asking questions.

DESCRIPTION: An extensive training drawing upon the information from the book by Ronald Mah- Difficult Behavior in Early Childhood, Positive Discipline for PreK-3 Classrooms and Beyond, (Corwin Press, 2017)

Assessment to Results

The Role of Discipline
1. Discipline in Classrooms, Families, and Society
2. When Discipline Fails, Socialization Fails, and Children Fail  

Using Time Out
3. Three Ways Adults Use Timeout Poorly
4. The Community Theory of Timeout That Works!
5. How to Apply Timeout Effectively

Setting and Following Through With Boundaries
6. Setting the Foundation of Discipline with Boundaries
7. Follow Through and Consistency with Boundaries

Punishment, Praise, and Rewards
8. What Motivates and What Matters to Children
9. How Anger Distracts from Discipline and Learning
10. How and Why Punishment Works... and Doesn't Work
11. The Effective and Judicious Uses of Praise
12. Choices: The Most Important Lesson

13. Key Issues in a Motivating Reward System
14. Principles of an Effective Reward Plan
15. Rewards Only -- Stepping Away from Punishment
16. Connecting Positive Goals to Motivating Rewards
17. Small and Great Rewards -- Rewarding Consistency

Recognizing and Responding to Particularly Challenging Behavior and Emotions
18. Is This an Angry Child? Understanding the Rage Underlying Negative Behavior
19. Is This a Sad Child? The Brokenhearted Children
20. Is This an Anxious or Fearful Child? A Life of Dangerous Uncertainty
21. Is This a Child Who Is Holding Pain or Loss? The Dangers of Unprocessed Grief
22. Is This an "Off" Child? Outside of Your Spectrum of Experience and Expectations
23. Is This a Happy Child?

Now What?

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