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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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Understanding Child for Discipline

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Understanding Children... Understanding Behavior...
For More Effective Discipline

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This information and video was developed in response to parents, teachers, and social services professionals who needed a systematic process to understand the motivations behind children's behavior (and adult behavior as well!).   Often adults make assumptions about what may be the reasons behind a child's behavior.  Children may exhibit the same behavior for a multitude of reason.  Or, several issues contribute to a particular behavior erupting.  Although it is usually important to set boundaries regarding the behavior, adults also need to understand what causes the behavior.  Unless the underlying issues are addressed, the behavior often reasserts itself or is not responsive to boundaries. This video uses two sets of questions to better understand and address the underlying emotional, psychological, and other issues that arise in children that affect behavior and potential discipline responses by adults.  First, six simple questions are presented to gain insight and an overview of the emotional state of the child having behavior problems.  Next, an orderly diagnostic process is presented, starting with looking at things from a developmental perspective to higher levels of concern.  In many situations, when several of the issues may apply to the child, viewers can more systematically, practically, and successfully provide the discipline and support the child requires.  
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