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Ronald Mah, M.A., Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
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From Diff to Dangerous

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From Difficult to Dangerous

Acting Out, Aggression, or Volatility versus Dangerous or Violence Potential in Children, Teens, and Others

“How dangerous is my client?” Therapists are often presented with difficult clients to treat. Among the presenting issues are aggressive, impulsive, and violent behaviors. Or, there may also be aggressive, obsessive, and violent thoughts or writings. Sometimes, there are both present. How dangerous is the client? Is there a likelihood of physical assault on another person?

There are often complex issues and circumstances that make a child or teen (and adult) "act out" or become moody. Effective treatment comes from appropriate assessments of client personality, issues, and circumstances that lead to theoretical clarity that subsequently imply treatment approaches and interventions.

Fifteen or more specific criteria will be introduced to help clinicians differentiate danger potential and treatment and intervention processes. This information gives guidance for both treatment and preventative work for children and teens. While the seminar will focus on children, this information is applicable for assessing for potential for domestic violence, child abuse, physical assault, and emotional, psychological, economic, financial, and social attacks by adults.

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