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"It’s a warm sleepy world. A vague feeling develops in my tummy…it grows and becomes more urgent. Gradually it becomes more and more uncomfortable. It doesn’t go away. It’s getting worse. WAHHHHHHHHH!!! Suddenly, out of that world up above, down swoops that sweet smelling, sounding, feeling familiar being. It says, “Oh, are you hungry?” in a gentle voice. A nipple or a bottle appears with warm sweet nourishment.

I stop crying…grasping, sucking hungrily. “How’s that sweetheart? You were really hungry weren’t you? That’s much better now, isn’t it?” How I feel really matters to that sweet smelling, sounding, feeling familiar being…. I really matter to that sweet smelling, sounding, feeling familiar being!! It really matters that I was upset….it really matters that I’m happy…that I’m content now…I really matter!!

Before you say yes, remember the first few weeks of your child’s life. This is the stage where the babies are in tune to very little more that their most basic needs; and are not particularly responsive to anyone. Remember..."

Billy?... (looks out and spots Billy in the back of the room) -- present.

Susie?... (there she is… little wallflower) -- present.

Glenn?... (uh... cute as usual) -- present.

Kathleen?... (there she is... for now!) -- present.

Mark?... (where it is he? In the back? No, that's Brian. Hmmm? Is he here today? Hmmm? No, not over there... no, not over there...)

Mark? Has anyone seemed Mark today? Hmmm? I guess... I guess he's not here today. Not present. (Mark's not here! Mark is not here! Mark is not here! MARK IS NOT HERE !!! YES!

No Mark tantrums! No Mark fights! No Mark arguments! IT'S TIME FOR A CELEBRATION! IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY TODAY! No Mark interruptions to distract the other kids. No Mark whining to take me from the others. Going be able to get work done today. It’s going to be a GREAT day! MARK IS NOT HERE TODAY!!

Not your darling! No… It can’t be your darling..."

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